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Does the image come in a color other than red?

Projection atomic clocks are fun!

When you talk about a unique, conversation-causing gadget, then you're talking about atomic projection clocks! The popular timepieces actually beam a red image onto the ceiling or wall displaying the correct time and, on some models, even weather information such as indoor or outdoor temperature! First invented in the early 1900's as known as ceiling clocks, the projection clocks now utilize state-of-the-art technology.

Where does the radio signal come from?

Atomic time for your wrist

Keeping time has never been so easy – and stylish – with Casio's line of Wave Ceptor and G Shock Atomic Watches. Combining state-of-the-art technology with a sleek, modern appearance, the attractive and affordable timepieces automatically reset daily via radio signal to within one second of official U.S. government time.

What should my normal heart rate be?

Getting to the heart of the matter

Monitoring your heart rate is a serious matter, especially when exercising. That's why Oregon Scientific provides several unique products to help you, including the Vibra-Trainer Pro Heart Rate Monitor Wristwatch; a wireless heart rate monitor that transmits your heart rate without wires to a wrist monitor; and the advance Smart Trainer heart monitor.

How much wind must exist so I can fly a kite?

Is it windy outside?

Here's a nifty little weather gismo that's fun and inexpensive. The Wind Wizard wind speed indicator from Davis Instruments is a lightweight, compact unit that measures wind speed up to 60 mph. No batteries are required and it comes in a stylish case made of high-impact plastic.

Why is Ferrari´s color racing red?

A famous racing name combines with weather

The colorful and sleek Ferrari Collection of time and weather instruments from Oregon Scientific are fantastic gadgets for the home or office. Reflecting the glamour and tradition of Formula One Racing in the classic Ferrari colors of racing red or black, the collection includes stopwatches, atomic projection clocks, travel alarms and a barometric weather station.

How many photos can I take and of what quality?

How slim is the Slim Shot camera?

This fascinating little digital camera is only about the size of a credit card yet it takes amazing photographs! The camera weighs a mere 1.2 ounces yet packs 8MB of internal memory while fitting perfectly in a pocket. The Slim Shot camera stores approximately 26 fine quality photos at VGA (640x480) resolution and recharges while connected to your PC or Mac.

How do I stay away from high blood pressure problems?

Watching that blood pressure

Interested in eliminating those special visits to the doctor's office just to have your blood pressure checked. There are several products now available that allow you to monitor your own blood pressure with a portable, non-evasive and battery-operated unit. These affordable, reliable units are handy to have!

Do pedometers come with accessories or options?

How far did you walk today?

Pedometers are popular little gizmos that tens of thousands of people use each and every day! The small, lightweight units count the number of steps you walk in any given period of time. Once you have programmed your stride length into the pedometer, the distance is converted to miles and you can see exactly how far you walked at any given time! Pedometers also can include features such as an FM radio, calorie counter, pulse meter or even a panic alarm!

Can I barbecue using a remote control thermometer?

Make barbecuing a remote-controlled experience!

Tired of standing over a hot grill or oven when you could be entertaining guests or spending quality time with your family? Oregon Scientific now offers the amazing
wireless barbecue thermometer that works with many of your favorite grill items. This product has a remote control effective up to 100 feet away that even tells you when the cooking is done!

What is humidity?

A tower of weather information!

Dress up your home or office with a modern mini-tower of weather information. This stylish acrylic gizmo features not only digital display of atomic time but also temperature and humidity. The unit is battery operated and includes one remote sensor.

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