Preparing for Severe Weather Tips

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How expensive are first aid kits?

Survival Supplies are Critical

First aid kits contain invaluable medical and survival supplies to help you deal with severe weather emergencies. Some kits, such as those from Lifeline, include a broad selection of items packed in a convenient carrying case. The Home Survivor First Aid Kit includes an AM radio, assorted medical supplies, various sized batteries, emergency blanket, candles, waterproof matches and much more.
Check with your local emergency management agency or the American Red Cross for additional first aid kit information.

How are weather alerts broadcast?

Should you own a weather alert radio?

Receiving advance warning about approaching dangerous weather situations is many times the key to surviving severe storms. NOAA broadcasts warnings and alerts for all types of hazards that are valuable information for homeowners, at the office, and for campers, hikers, boaters, people traveling and just about anyone who could be affected by severe weather.

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