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What is the definition of cold?

Does cold weather give you a cold?

The cold and flu season is generally associated with the winter months, but scientists are unable to directly link cold weather to actually catching a cold. Colds and flu are caused and spread by microorganisms, not weather. Many researchers believe that more people are inside buildings during the winter months, increasing the possibility of spreading the microorganisms from person to person.

Should I use suntan lotion when I´m outside?

What are SPF ratings?

The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is advertised on all suntan lotions. The SPF number translates into how long you can say in the sun versus how long you would have been able to stay without sunscreen protection.

Does my appetite decrease in the summer?

To eat more or less?

Weather does, in fact, affect your appetite. People living in cold climates that spend considerable time outside tend to burn more calories each day just to keep warm.

Who studies bioclimatology?

A new science or an old one?

Bioclimatology is the science that addresses the effects of the atmosphere and weather upon people, plants and animals.

Should I use suntan lotion when I´m outside?

Heat stroke

Heat stroke is a severe medical condition that requires immediate emergency medical assistance. Indications that you are suffering from heat stroke include a high body temperature of 106 degrees F or above, dry and hot skin, a rapid pulse, and possibly losing consciousness.

Should I use suntan lotion when I´m outside?

Do the risks of sunburn increase with altitude?

Many harmful ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn are blocked by the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. However, the less atmosphere there is above you, the more chance there is you can be sunburned. There are 20 percent more ultraviolet rays in Denver, the Mile High city, than at sea level.


Need a tissue?

If you inhale very cold air it causes the mucous membranes inside your nose to constrict and dilate. This reaction to the cold air forms excess mucous that gives you a runny nose

Should I use suntan lotion when I´m outside?

Heat exhaustion

If you've been out in the hot weather and failed to replace fluids in your body or keep in the shade, you may experience heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion symptoms include cold and clammy skin, an irregular pulse, sweating, possible fainting, paleness and vomiting. To combat the possibility of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, drink plenty of liquids, stay in the shade, consume salt and don't overdo it!

What´s the shortest day of the year?

Winter can be depressing

More than 35 million people in the U.S. may experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Many people refer to SAD sufferers as having the “winter blues.” Researchers believe a lack of sunlight may be one cause of the problem while SAD may also be genetic. The affliction can be treated with light therapy or travel to sunny areas of the globe.

Who can predict the weather?

An Old Wive's Tale?

Scientists have no conclusive proof that arthritis sufferers can predict the weather based upon the pain in their joints.

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