What are the signs of an approaching tsunami?

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How fast does a tsunami travel?

What are the signs of an approaching tsunami?

A tsunami increases in energy and wave height as it approaches land. A tsunami will many times have a “vacuum” effect just before it hits, sucking water away from harbors and beaches.



10/11/2006 1:03:43 AM
Marc Johns said:

The following have at various times been associated with a tsunami :

An earthquake may be felt.
Large quantities of gas may bubble to the water surface and make the sea look as if it is boiling.
The water in the waves may be unusually hot.
The water may smell of rotten eggs (hydrogen sulfide) or of petrol or oil.
The water may sting the skin.
A thunderous boom may be heard followed by
a roaring noise as of a jet plane
or a noise akin to the periodic whop-whop of a helicopter,
or a whistling sound.
The sea may recede to a considerable distance.
A flash of red light might be seen near the horizon.

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