Weather Frequently Asked Questions

How are weather alerts broadcast?

Where can I find alert radios?

I want to localize my emergency broadcasts. Can I do that?

How do I know if a NOAA transmitter is near me?

How expensive are first aid kits?

What is NOAA?

Are severe weather alerts broadcast 24 hours a day?

Are weather radios programmable?

What was that movie about tornadoes?

Will weather alert radios warn me of approaching tornadoes?

What is a tornado?

How high up do tornadoes go?

How long do tornadoes last?

Has a tornado ever occurred in Alaska?

Are weather alert radios expensive?

Do twisters usually happen during the day or at night?

Do tornadoes happen in other parts of the world?

How can I find out more about weather radios?

Should I go wireless or cabled?

Are weather stations expensive?

What is a self-empyting rain bucket?

What is a thermo-hygro sensor?

How long does it take to set up a weather station?

Is atomic time available in Europe?

What´s a wind meter?

How can I tell if the clouds have rain in them or not?

Why are clouds sometimes black?

How fast do cloud really go?

Are clouds and fog the same thing?

How do I know if clouds are carrying rain?

Do clouds just disappear or where do they go?

Will I glow in the dark if I wear an atomic watch?

How do I find an atomic watch?

Can I really afford an atomic watch?

I can set my atomic watch manually, right?

Is atomic time accurate?

Can I really see the images on the wall or ceiling?

Will the image on the ceiling always be on?

Will I hear a weather alert if a hurricane is approaching?

Can tropical storms cause significant damage?

Where do hurricanes usually come ashore?

How many hurricanes strike each year?

What´s a common hurricane name?

Can I expect lots of rain with a hurricane?

How many people die from hurricanes every year?

What is an anemometer?

Can I barbecue using a remote control thermometer?

How many photos can I take and of what quality?

How much wind must exist so I can fly a kite?

What should my normal heart rate be?

How do I stay away from high blood pressure problems?

Do pedometers come with accessories or options?

Does the image come in a color other than red?

Why is Ferrari´s color racing red?

Where does the radio signal come from?

What is humidity?

How do I find weather thermometers?

Can I find a hand-held wind gauge?

Where can I find a barometer?

How big are most sensors?

When it´s humid outside, what does it mean?

Do I need a humidifier?

What´s water vapor?

Are low clouds really just fog?

Why does the U.S. use Fahrenheit?

Does my appetite decrease in the summer?

What is the definition of cold?

What´s the shortest day of the year?

Who studies bioclimatology?

Who can predict the weather?

Should I use suntan lotion when I´m outside?

How thick is sleet?

Is fog just low clouds?

How loud is thunder?

Is frost really a type of ice?

Where does air come from?

What´s different between hail and sleet?

What is hail?

How cold must it be for it to snow?

How powerful is a bolt of lightning?

How many colors are in a rainbow?

Are dust devils common?

How large can tsunami waves get?

How fast does a tsunami travel?

Does the U.S. get many tsunamis?

How do I prepare for a tsunami?

Does NOAA broadcast tsunami warnings?

What is rain?

What is a collector bucket?

How can I find a rain gauge to buy?

What is air pressure?

Are barometers expensive?

How do I find where to buy a barometer?

What is a weather radio?

Recent Weather Questions

Q. I have 4 "atomic clocks" in the house and none of them are able to receive the Colorado time signal, even outside. I live in So. Florida, Palm Beach County in a wood-frame home. Any suggestions?
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Q. why do we need wind??
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Q. How long does it take thunder to travel a mile?

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Q. Why does the wind always seem to die down at dusk or dark?
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Q. how fast does a f-5 hurricane go?
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Q. where do most of the tornadoes happen?(like in what part of the world?)
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Q. How fast does wind go?
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Q. As we approach the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year...about how much daylight are we losing each day?
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Q. why does a tsunami occur

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Q. were do dust devils hapen.
p.s send me a pic were it happens
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Q. how many hurricanes occur each year?
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Q. what is a stevenson screen?

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Q. how far can a hurricane come ashore can it actually go thru Tennessee. Or does the hurricane become a tropical storm after it comes ashore.
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Q. Hi, thanks. How long does the storm surge from
a hurricane stay over an area ,coast ,inland ,1-2-3 hrs, longer?
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Q. What were the most damaging hurricanes from 1996 - 2003?
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Q. Why do we name hurricanes?
Who invented the names?
What do you use determined the names of hurricane?
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Q. If hurricanes are named in alphabet order why are some missed. This last one was Gaviston were was H?
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Q. How many hurricanes does Florida have each year
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Q. where in the world do tornadoes happen?
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Q. I have been measuring rainfall (in mm),using two different rain gauges - unfortunately they give different readings even though they are located next to each other. How do I check which rain gauge is correct?

Greg Faasen (South Africa)
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Q. I understand that the World Meteorological Society is responsible for naming hurricanes, but I`d like to know (in more detail) how they determine which names will be used. Do they have a list of names before the season begins? Do they have several suggestions for each letter and then a committee chooses just one? How is it done?
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Q. How does a rain gauge work? Can you just slap a ruler to side of a container so that whatever is in the bucket is literally the amount of rain that has fallen. Or is there some calibration such as the size of the bucket, in relation to the scale.
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Q. How many hurricanes have we had this year? Did they skip H?
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Q. How high can contrails form up in the atmosphere... is there a limit due to atmospheric conditions where they can no longer form?

Contrails, the condensation trail left behind from hot jet exhaust, form only at very high altitudes where very cold air exists. Research shows that even the space shuttle left a contrail.
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Q. who names hurricanes today?

The process of assigning names to hurricanes is the task of the World Meteorological Organization. It uses different types of names for the storms depending on what part of the world the hurricane is located in.

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Q. Should barometers be tapped to see if a change has occurred or not? My barometer is aneroid.

Yes, you should always slightly tap the barometer before taking a reading.

On an aneroid barometer (ones that have a small screw on back) turn the screw slightly while seeing if the indicator needle moves. Give the barometer a tap, too. If the indicator does not move, the barometer has a problem.
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Q. Do clouds travel faster in the day than in the night?
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Q. I just got an outdoor thermometer, with no directions. Where are we to place this thermometer. In a shady place outside or in direct sun??
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